12 Dec. 2008

5 Shot After An E-40 Concert

A shooting after a E-40 concert in Denver has left 5 people shot, with one in critical condition.


According to law enforcement, shots were fired around 2.00am outside the club where rapper E-40 had performed.

A witness at the scene said the shots were automatic gunfire.

“It was bullets flying everywhere. It was automatic. It was like a machine gun, ba-dop ba-bop ba-bop ba-bop. It was just really crazy … At first we hear a wave of shots and we didn’t realize it was gunfire until we seen a lot of people running by. So then definitely I wanted to secure our building, so we hit all the lights, locked the front door, secured our business because we didn’t want any shooters running in.”

E-40’s latest album ‘Ball Street Journal is out now

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