[Album Wednesdays]: Big Pun “Capitial Punishment”
10 Oct. 2012

[Album Wednesdays]: Big Pun “Capitial Punishment”

For Album Wednesday’s this week were heading to the East Coast of the US where the reigning Latino rapper once lived. Big Pun also known as Christopher Lee Rios left us all at the tender age of 28, but went out with his demeanour in the game one of the hardest ever to be reckoned with. The¬†Puerto Rican Big Punisher took the rap culture by storm not only through his appearance but his underground understanding of the hip hop culture which gave him the talent to rap the hell outta of everyone.

The greats of our time are never with us long. However within the five years of his music career “Capital Punishment” was an album that crossed the boarders and made its way to the number 1 on the R&B table, and grabbed the number 5 spot on the Billboard Charts. Released in 1998, up it’s pretty safe to say that as the first Latin Rapper to go platinum with the mind blowing EP no other will be ever to come close to the tongue rhyming technical MC that could rap you under the table without taking a breath!

We all knew Pun from Fat Joe. And with Capital Punishment being released on LOUD Records, we all got a full blown version of a very comedic artist who knew what a dictionary looked like. One of my favourite tracks from this album “Twinz” (Deep Cover 98) alone embodies a man that mastered his craft to a perfection, from the flow to the actual meaning of the lyrics. Christopher made it seem so flawless like it was a natural thing to do.

This is why Pun, I salute you and thank you for what you left us with. Something to dance too a track to make you laugh and your voice to forever be able to reminisce on what you did for Hip Hop.

Only releasing 3 tracks from the album turn it up loud for Big P. Starting with my favourite all time track of the album:

“Twinz” (Deep Cover 98)

“I’m Not a Player”
Released: October 97

“Still Not a Player”
Released: March 98

“You Came Up”

Yeeeeaaaahh Baby!

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