[Album Wednesdays]: The Notorious B.I.G “Born Again”
10 Oct. 2012

[Album Wednesdays]: The Notorious B.I.G “Born Again”

Alright now y’all this week’s Album Wednesday is the turn of the infamous B.I.G. Now as we know the nineties rap game belong to Tupac and Christopher George Latore Wallace. New York born and raised, Biggie bought alive the cocky persona from reaping the luxurious benefits that came with the Hip Hop culture. With us only a short time, Big Poppa achieved a worldwide presence in the homes of millions with his clever tact of rhyming entertainment. From everything that went down in the streets, to being the best at what he did as well as hailing the ladies, especially his daughter, the Father MC and iconic footprint in the Rap culture will forever be indebted to what he gave to us all.

Born Again was a posthumous EP which was released late 1999. However even after the MC’s death, what made this classic Bad Boy album a standpoint was never before heard bars freestyles and even tracks going back almost 5-6 years that made the cut. The triple platinum album topped the Billboard at no:1 and sold over 480,000 within it’s first week.

Soon after the album dropped the incredible “Notorious B.I.G” single and celebratory visual landed on our screens paying homage to the rapper from a few of the faces that collaborated and knew Biggie. And it’s still massive hit.

Shortly following up the 1st single release was “Dead Wrong” Ft Eminem. No visuals was created for this but the track is still lyrically powerful up to today that it needs no video production for it. Now that’s real music.

The legacy lives on...

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