Amadeus Interview With The Hip Hop Chronicle
07 Jul. 2012

Amadeus Interview With The Hip Hop Chronicle

I had the pleasure of chopping it up with producer of Trey Songz musical director, Amadeus.

Get to know the talented musician and drummer, who has worked with the likes of Fred The Godson, Justin Bieber, Fabolous and Jim Jones.

Get to know the man behind the beats and gain insight in to musical directing.

HHC: Apart from being a music director, you are also a producer and professional drummer. How did you end up getting into each of those different fields?

Amadeus: I was introduced to music at an early by my parents and had the privilege to attend Catholic school where I was offered a music class. In that class I learned how to play the drums. I started in the 4th grade, continued thru middle school,junior high, high school & church and here I am today a professional drummer touring the world with Trey Songz.

Me being a musician, 1st allowed me to easily transition into becoming a record producer because in creating music its all based around the drums and drum programming. I was in the studio with Mike Jones & Trey Songz recording and mixing a record and the studio had a drum set and I mentioned to Mike & Trey that I played the drums and they laughed and thought I was joking. I said nah Im serious before I was a producer I was playing drums. I told Trey eventually you will need a live band and when you do give me a call and I will put the band together for you. A year later I got a call from his manager at the time Delante Murphy, asking me was I ready to put the band together together I said YES and the rest is history.

HHC: Out of Musical Directing, Producing and Drumming, which is your favourite to do?

Amadeus: WOW that’s a pretty tough question. If I had to choose one I would choose producing. It’s an amazing feeling to create music from scratch from just a simple idea and watch it become a song that people all of the world know & appreciate. I’ve produced for over 50 artists so it has been a different experience each time. Don’t get me wrong I have an amazing time playing drums and functioning as the Music Director out on the road working with Trey Songz.

HHC: You are a producer and also organize performances with Trey Songz. When you are producing a track, do you create them with an artist performing them live in mind?

Amadeus: Sort of, I do create tracks having artists in mind in regards to hearing a particular artist on the track.

HHC: Over the years you have been able to create tracks for artist from Fabolous, Young Jeezy to Justin Bieber and Danity Kane. Do you feel it is important for producers to have the ability to produce tracks for a wide range of artist?

Amadeus: Yes, absolutely the more versatile you are as a producer the more you have the opportunity to produce for various artists in different genres.

HHC: You have been on several tours with Trey, such as the BP3 tour. Does being on tour have a huge affect on the amount of beats you create as a producer?

Amadeus: Yes, I can’t be in two places at the same time so when I’m on tour I’m not in the studio at all which can become both challenging and frustrating to me at times. But it’s all good because what I do takes all the positive energy & experiences from being on the road and put it in my music once Im back home off the road and in the studio. Touring and traveling the world allows you to be inspired musically in many different ways. Thats why a lot of artists record there albums in different places around the world because sometimes being in a different place can allow you to be in a different space especially musically. So Im extremely grateful.

HHC: For any budding producers, what software and/or hardware do you use?

Amadeus: Im still old school with it on the hardware MPC2000XL, Yamaha Motif Rack, Yamaha Motif XS Rack, Roland Fantom Rack, Roland JP8000 Keyboard, MicroKorg Keyboard, Pro-Tools 8, Rokit 8’s, Stanton T-92 Turntable, Stanton CDJ, Midi Keyboard I feel like this, “if its not broke don’t fix it.”

HHC: Trey Songz has a lot of interment songs for his female fans and then he has up tempo songs such as ‘Say Aah’ and more recently ‘2 Reasons’. Does your approach differ when directing different types of songs. If yes, what about your approach is different?

Amadeus: Nah not really. We just get on that stage and have fun each & every time. We’ve been on the road with Trey for the last 6 years so we know each other very well musically and it shows when we perform.

HHC: When directing music, what things do you listen out and focus on more?

Amadeus: I make sure were all in sync as a unit, I remind everyone of there parts, cues and changes that come up while were performing, I inform everyone on which song is next, I make sure Trey is good in regards to what he hears and needs to hear.

HHC: What was the last thing you heard or saw that inspired you within your craft?

Amadeus: I’m inspired each & every day when I wake up every morning at my home with my family, knowing that God gave me everything I have including my gifts and talents that allow me to live an amazing life, of course with hard work and being focused & determined. As far as being inspired out on the road we recently traveled to Africa and it put everything in perspective for me. I will NEVER complain again life is too good and we have soooooooooooo much to be thankful for.

HHC: You are a producer who has experience being both independent and signed to a label. Can you tell people what is the major differences, such as how the business side is handled?

Amadeus: Its great to have a name and major company stand behind you and your product but sometimes its difficult being signed to a major label. Some people have the wrong idea and think its easier when you are with a major label but I feel like its harder. When you are on your own you can do you and not have to answer to anyone as an indie label or artist but when you are with a major everyone has to agree and be on the same page and believe in you and your product before they push it. I say create your product, believe in it, put your team together and put it out on your own.

HHC: How do you feel about state of music, more specifically hip hop?

Amadeus: I have mixed emotions because I like some of it but there is some music out here that I dislike. At the end of the day it’s all expressions and we all have the right to express ourselves how we see fit. In regards to hip hop in general I feel like we’re in a bad place. There is not enough respect for the producers. Everyone is putting out mixtures, basically giving away free music and not paying producers and its even getting to the point where producers are not being asked permission for there music to be used on the mixtures, which is extremely difficult.

I’ve met artists that have recorded to my tracks and put it out to the world not even knowing that I produced the record LOL. The artists are getting rich and making good money while we as the producers are trying to figure it all out and it shouldn’t be that way. We should all get what’s due to us for the music we create. I love hip hop music but is has to get better. I’m definitely working with different artists in different genres of music. There’s music all over the globe and I recognize this while everyone is over here I’m over there.

HHC: For any youngster wanted in to get into the music industry, whether it be, rapping, producing, or a musician. What advice would you give them?

Amadeus: The first thing I would advise is to be passionate about whatever it is you do because thats the only thing that will keep you shooting for the stars because the entertainment business is tough and is only built for those who are strong and passionate about there craft. BE YOU the fact is no one can be you like you. Give the world whoever you really are and if its meant to be they’ll receive you. Don’t worry about whose out and what you hear on the radio. As long as your music is from the heart and is authentic people will love it. Know it may take a long time before you get the big break you’ve been looking for, but don’t give up. Keep going and eventually you will get there.

HHC: Are there any artist, tracks or albums who you are currently producing for or working with that we can know of?

Amadeus: My artist Tiffany Mynon “The Angel of R&B” signed to Platinum Boy Music Inc. She has 2 singles out rite now “Dance The Night Away” featuring FredTheGodSon and “I Know How To Love You.Com” produced by myself, Boogie Wizzard and Cito Crandle. Were in the process of completing her project so definitely be on the look out for that and of course I’ve been working on some new projects. Won’t talk about it but stay tuned got some records coming your way. Be sure to visit our website its for all updates on myself, Tiffany Mynon “The Angel of R&B” and the entire Platinum Boy Music team/family.

HHC: What is the next step in your career?

Im just going with the flow and working hard, God is in full control!

HHC: Thank you for taking the time out to speak to us.

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