02 Feb. 2009

Back In The Day: Sad Love Songs

This isnt really a Hip Hop post but this post is dedicated to anyone who has broken up with a loved one.

Real talk, Love can be a hard thing to manage and sometimes you lose yourself. In light of what happened with Chris Brown and Rihanna, it can sometimes be violent.

On the other hand, it can be an easy to manage. Regardless, dont ever forget to show your loved one, how much you care. Shower them with kindness and respect because you never know what’s around the corner. In the famous words of Jay-Z – ‘shit was all good just a week ago’.

Yes, the reccession has gripped us all but you can do some inexpensive things.

Dont lash out with profanities either. Try to work it out because the last thing you want to do is regret what you have said.

Communication is key

Our women do go through some mad stuff that sometimes as men, we may not understand. Let’s try our best to!

With today’s selection im going with some recent tracks and some classics.

Ne-Yo – So Sick

Mary J Blige – Be Without You

112 – Its Over Now

Jagged Edge – Walked Outta Heaven

Ginuwine – Differences

KC & Jo Jo – All My Life

Boyz To Men – End Of The Road

Mariah Carey & Boyz To Men – One Sweet Day

Sting – Shape Of My Heart (used as the sample for the Nas track ‘The Message’

Mary J Blige – No More Drama

Toni Braxton – Un-Break My Heart

112 – Sweet Love (Not Really A Sad Love Song But Its Dope Nevertheless)

Im sure there is many more but these are the ones I could think of right now.

I got loads of Valentine-type posts but never got around to it, so you can take this as the post-Valentine’s blog.

Didnt mean to bum you guys out, just thought it was important to pass along the message, whoever you love; tell them before its too late.

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