Dear, Officer
02 Feb. 2011

Dear, Officer

Dear, Officer

So as the night is winding down and I’m looking forward to getting some sleep, I stumble onto twitter to see my man Lordie from The Grime Report telling me that Giggs’ upcoming tour has been shut down. I log onto @sn1iggs to see the following tweet:



Unfortunately this seems to be a regular occurrence with Giggs. It’s not nice to see because he is just a rapper that wants to make music and perform for his fans.

I’ll admit, I don’t know the full facts as to why the tour has been shut down. A statement hasn’t been released by the police. But by shutting down the whole tour, Giggs is still not being given an opportunity to earn a living.

His history in the streets has been documented but he is trying to make a difference for himself and his people by being a rapper full time. He has a fanbase who want to see him perform in their towns and cities and like every artist he should be given that chance.

I appreciate that there are security issues that you cannot disclose but we have to find a way to meet in the middle on this issue.  

Please correct me if I am wrong but has there been a gun-related or violent incident at a Giggs concert? To my knowledge, there hasn’t been.

If I’m honest, there seems to be an inconsistency when compared to other concerts. I have been to concerts where I’ve seen an increased police presence and at one concert, despite the presence there was still violence in the venue. On that particular night, I was told that the police were there because they got a credible tip-off. But that show was still allowed to go on.


There is a reason why I stress that we have to meet in the middle on this issue. It’s because there is a positive impact of Giggs touring up and down the country. He will open doors for those who want to leave the streets and make a better life for themselves. Those who have come from a similar background to the rapper will see if he made it then so can they. That births a constructive circle where individuals are making a living off music and staying away from violence.

Throughout its history, Hip Hop has deterred people from gangs. The legendary Afrika Bambaataa who is a testament to that. He ran with one of the biggest gangs in New York (The Black Spades) and after seeing the value of Hip Hop, he created the Universal Zulu Nation, which took people off the street and become DJ’s, MC’s, Graffti Artists and breakdancers.

Jay-Z is another prominent artist who used to run the streets. He carried guns, sold drugs and was even shot at. But he had a talent and used that talent to move away from his once violent lifestyle. I’m not saying Giggs going to be Jay-Z but the point is the Brooklyn rapper was given an opportunity to move away from that negativity, let the Peckham rapper have his.

We have to find a real solution where an artist like Giggs can actually make that positive impact and continue to grow as a person.

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