Dear Wiley…
02 Feb. 2011

Dear Wiley…

Dear Wiley,

On this Sunday evening I looking forward to watch my team Liverpool beat Chelsea. As the night approached I get a couple of calls and messages saying “check twitter, Wiley is being racist, saying he’ll knock people’s turbans off”. At first I thought “ah who cares” but when I got home an hour ago, I decided to check back on the timelines. Upon reading it, I thought I’d write this letter to you because what I’m about to write can’t be condensed into 140 characters.

Wiley I had a lot of respect for you as an artist and for the scene you help create but seriously, but what has been going on twitter today is just not constructive for anyone.

From my limited understanding you felt Jay Sean was being dismissive towards you and “Hollywood”, so you decided to show him he isn’t. Then apparently, some of Jay Sean’s ignorant fans started going at you and some directed racial slurs at you. That is completely unacceptable. There is no place for anyone to be racist. But why are you engaging kids who are trying to bait you? Was Jay Sean being racist to you? Bobby Friction? Any major Asian artist or was it just random kids on twitter?

Whoever they were, they baited you and you took it. You decided to throw the rocks back in the same vein in which they were thrown at you.


Why Wiley? You are 32 years old and you are engaging with 15-16 year old kids saying that you are having “racial banter”? Strange term but put that to one side, are you telling me you can’t rise above what some ignorant kid says to you on twitter? You know how the internet works, people try to hurt you by saying all kinds of shit. You know that, you’ve done that yourself to other artists and now you have 35,000 followers. So you know, saying outlandish shit will get people’s attention and I know you can rise above it.

But what is disappointing is the justification you used. “listen i can say what i want when a person says something racial to me especially asian’s your damn near the same colour”.

Are you serious? You said we are near the same colour so that makes it right to make racist statements?

And what’s this “racial banter” term. I’ve never heard of it but again its justification to say things that aren’t acceptable and then say “hey, it’s banter, I’m just joking around”. Noone including people like yourself in the public eye should ever stand for racism but let’s deal with reality here; you are tweeting against a couple of ignorant kids.

Remarks like “I will slap off your dad’s turban!” , that’s not banter.

Whether you meant it as racist or not, you are discriminating against another person’s culture and race. Its unacceptable and its out of order. It’s a bad excuse to keep using, “they started it first” or they called me this. That whole “tit for tat” analogy is weak. Ignore the racism, it easy to exit a internet browser.

Then I see you saying “how can I be racist after the 32 years”. Seeing as you are unclear how your comments are racist, I’ll let my homie Jay Smooth explain it for you.

Jay Smooth – How To Tell People They Sound Racist

Back to the matter in hand, Maybe to you this is just a joke or “banter” and while I couldn’t care less about words against me, but the fact remains you have a responsibility to represent those who follow you in a positive way.

Whether you like it or not but people do take notice of what you say. They may or may not act on it. Nevertheless there are some who may think what you say is correct so arguing with so-called Jay Sean fans because they are arguing with you is not the best way to educate them. You have 35,000 twitter followers hanging on to your every word, use it for some positivity rather than trying to create drama and sell records.

When you write: “each different race has a perception of another race its sad but true”, that says to me that you’ve thought about what you are saying and what you said about Asians and corner shops is your unfortunate perception of Asians. And while you are entitled to your opinion because we live in a democracy, it still doesn’t make it right.

With your remarks I think Lowkey hit the nail on the head when he said, “Wiley is the Nick Griffin of Grime”. You’ve continued to justify your remarks with this “tit for tat” crap and not only is it not mature, but it’s also constructive.

We won’t ever grow as peoples if we spend our time fussing and fighting each other. I saw you RT Giggs who was giving a shoutout to the late Bob Marley who’s Birthday it is today. Isn’t it ironic that you are paying homage to a man whose music was about peace while you are offending another race of people.

I’ve seen Bobby Friction wants to do an interview with you to explain your comments. Honestly I don’t understand why. You’ve made your comments and the reasons for them pretty clear. You tweeted: “the beef is over asian people im sorry for being to open and honest lets crack on if you can if you cant then goodbye”. So if it’s over and there’s absolutely no need for you to go onto the BBC Asian Network.  There’s no reason to do a radio interview at all.

And Bobby you know I got love for you but why do the interview? I know it’s all about the listenership but if we want to have a discussion, put Wiley in the room with people who can actually have a real conversation about this.  Because in your interview, Wiley is simply going to say what he already has, apologise saying it was banter while listeners tune in. In other words, free promo for him.


Bobby, he’s already said the so-called “beef” is over, so there’s no need to do the interview.

The lesson to learn is that we really need to grow out of this racism nonsense. What surprises me about any ethnic minorities being racist to each other is, 35 years ago we (ethnics groups) all had pulled together to fight racial intimidation and riots and people died for that cause. They died so we could live in a place where we didn’t have to suffer that racism. And what is their reward for risking their lives for us? Tit for tat petty racism.

And to think, all this started because of a tweet by Jay Sean.


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