[Download]: Sid Sriram – “Daydream”
09 Sep. 2012

[Download]: Sid Sriram – “Daydream”

The Hip Hop Chronicle is pleased to announce that we have teamed up with Live Mixtapes and Plundr to present Sid Sriram’s new project, “Daydream”.

After notching up millions of hits with his youtube covers, Sid gives his growing fan base a seven track EP featuring production from Gabo Lugo, AkoustiK and the singer himself.

With a rich sound and a rich voice, be prepared to be blown away by this Californian native who is sure to be a future star.

Take a listen to “Daydream” below and I promise you will be woken up by Sid’s soulful tones.

This is special.

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01. Sid Sriram – Sleep (Intro) [Prod. By Sid Sriram]
02. Sid Sriram – Insanity [Prod. By Gabo Lugo & Chad Dexter]
03. Sid Sriram – Disappear [Prod. By AkoustiK]
04. Sid Sriram – Chaotic [Prod. By Sid Sriram & Jon Nellen]
05. Sid Sriram – Wake Up [Prod. By Sid Sriram & Gabo Lugo]
06. Sid Sriram – Daydream (Outro) [Prod. By Sid Sriram]
07. Sid Sriram – Elevate (Feat. Aziz Francois) (Bonus) [Prod. By Sid Sriram]

With the release of “Daydream”, take a look at this 8 minute video.


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