Eminem Speaks About Slaughterhouse
08 Aug. 2012

Eminem Speaks About Slaughterhouse

Eminem spoke early this morning about his involvement and thoughts on Slaughterhouse’s newly-released Welcome To Our House. The rapper spoke about his involvement in the super group and his enthusiasm for the album was clear.

“I was absolutely involved as I could be,” explained Eminem. “I just wanted to…I feel like, these guys, the caliber that they rhyme at…it was one of those things that was fun for me to do. This is the kind of music I love doing.”

“I love this kind of Hip Hop,” he continued. “It’s lyrically dense. These guys are animals. Getting in the studio with them was fun, and I really wanted to be hands on from the beginning of the project to the end of it. In other words, overseeing everything, producing, co-producing, whatever I could do. Mixing, everything. …I wanted to present the best product possible to the public.”

“I think they’ve been underrated for a while, but I think with this album coming out, it being what it is, they’re gonna get what they deserve right now,” he added.

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