Gibby – (Under The Radar) Interview with JENESIS Magazine
09 Sep. 2012

Gibby – (Under The Radar) Interview with JENESIS Magazine

GIBBY recently released a solid solo debut, “HOT FUDGE,” sponsored by JENESIS Magazine, Everybody’s Rival, and LoRRa (Mid-City) Co. Jenesis Magazine sat with the Los Angeles emcee to talk about the aftermath of the “HOT FUDGE” release and the scoop on some of his retro favorites. #LADT #JenesisMag #Cali #Dope

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What do you put on top of your ice cream?

Ironically, caramel (laughs)

Why the name Hot Fudge?

One of my close friends came up with it. Busta Rhyme’s has a song called “Hot Fudge” & we figured my style bottled up in one was this song, if that makes sense.

Worst job:

Boys and girls club, all those ghetto ass kids, fuck that!

Favorite Olympic event:

Gymnastics, I like watching females do the splits (laughs)

Favorite old school rapper:

Q-Tip, of course

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[Mixtape]: Gibby – “Hot Fudge”
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