[Event News] “Global Spins Awards”
10 Oct. 2012

[Event News] “Global Spins Awards”

THE GLOBAL SPIN AWARDS!!!! Actors have the Academy Awards…Recording Artists have the Grammy’s…And Now…DJ’s have the GSA’s!!

Industry Executive, Shawn Prez of BadBoy/Power Moves Inc (Marketing & promotions), announces the 1st annual Global Spin Awards (GSA’s), November 19, 2012 at the New York Times Center in Manhattan. I was able to attend the press conference where the nominees categories and nominees were announced. The announcements were led by Legends such as DJ Funk Master Flex, Dj Marley Marl, DJ Jazzy Joyce, DJ Kid Capri, DJ Clinton Sparks, and GSA’s host Sway Calloway. The legendary panelists discussed the importance of the event as well as the agenda.

The Global Spins Awards were made for the elite Disc Jockey with great accomplishments in the music and entertainment industry. The award show will honor and recognize the crowd movers, the trend setter, and the record breakers. There has never been a time where the Dj has been praised for his/her achievements. Well, now theres a special platform provided for such achievements.

“Throughout my career I’ve formed long standing relationships with DJs, and have always noticed the lack of recognition given to them and the roles they play within the culture, music and entertainment. The GSAs were created to fill that void and finally honor the DJs exclusively for their achievements, especially amongst their peers. Simply put, DJs deserve their own version of the Grammy – Sean Prez

When discussing nominees there are to many categories to name. Theres one category in particular that stuck out though. Which was of course International Dj Awards and the “Uk-Europe” region nominees are
… (Drum rolls please) DJ Tim Westwood, Dj DJ Van Dykem , DJ Jamie Jones, DJ Armn van Buren, and DJ Subb An. If you don’t agree take it up with the DJ Bureau. What is the Dj Bureau? The Dj bureau is a collection of industry tastemakers, executives, and other influential enthusiasts who select each nominee.

I have to definitely commend Sean Prez and his staff for putting together such an event. I just hope I get the invite to this formal event.

For further information on nominees categories and nominees: Www.Globalspinawards.com

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