[Interview]: The HHC Interviews Bashy
09 Sep. 2012

[Interview]: The HHC Interviews Bashy

Ashley Thomas is a man on a mission. He has been blessed to take his talent over numerous media platforms and his movements throughout the film music and clothing industry are a compacted force with recognition worldwide. With the new album dropping soon, and a film that had just been released, I got a chance to catch the man himself for chit chat on a bit of everything that’s happening in his life lately.


HHC: You went down to the premiere of Cockneys vs Zombies the other day. How was it?

Bashy: It was cool it was fun, it was good man a good reception as well.

HHC: What attracted you the Mental Mickey role?

Bashy: I just like the dynamics of the character, I thought he just was nuts and I could explore it fully and you know I didn’t have to reign him in, I could you know push it as far as I really wanted to and I thought that was really cool.

HHC: All your roles are quite diverse. From The Man Inside to My Brother The Devil. How important is that to you?

Bashy: Yeah it’s important for me as in like I wanna set new challenges for myself you know, I don’t wanna play the same old role and I don’t wanna say, talk about stereotyping or you know like playing you know like the typical sort of drug dealer. I don’t wanna play any character of the type, whether that be a doctor I just wanna do something and move on.

HHC: Your roles always shadow some part of your personality and character. Does this make it easier for you to relate and get into character better?

Bashy: Yeah. I mean it’s good when you can find a character that you can relate something to. I wouldn’t say it makes it easier, but it makes it more realistic to play.

HHC:If you could play anyone’s life story on the big screen, who would be your ideal?

Bashy: I would love to play Marcus Garvey or Bob Marley because there’s so much to their stories.

HHC: What is your secret in staying motivated and focused on an everyday basis?

Bashy: I’ve got a goal. I’m an unsigned artist so if I don’t get things done, or if I’m late it’s not gonna get done. There’s no one to do it for you, you know what I mean. I’m the leader of my troop so if I don’t pull my weight, that’s not going to inspire others. If everyone sees me putting in work, then they’re going to want work as well.

HHC: So how does Ashley unwind from the multi-tasking business man?

Bashy: I just like chilling with my real friends and family. The people that I love. Going cinema, playing computer. I love going cinema.

HHC: What did you last see?

Bashy: The Dark Knight Rises. It was wicked man

HHC: The Great Escape is on its way to us, but rumour has it that a second EP is already in the works?

Bashy: It’s just demos at the moment. Loads of demos. That’s it. It’ll probably drop next year but I’ll let you all know through Twitter.

HCC: Who do you have on rotation on your IPod at the moment?

Bashy: Frank Ocean, Channel Orange.

HHC: You are very proud to be British, as you rarely collaborate with US artists. Why is that? 

Bashy: It’s not that I wouldn’t. I would collaborate with anyone. There’s a lot of British talent out here like Krept & Konan, Wretch, Omar, Tinchy, and Tinie and I think it’s good to support that.

HHC: “Black Boys” was a track made you an Ambassador. Politically as well as socially people understood the reality of your lyrics. How did that make you feel?

Bashy: It made me feel good man. Like you know you can represent your people in a positive way, and people respect for it and that track is there for eternity you know, for people to realise what I done, who didn’t get it at the time get it now. The people that appreciate it will forever show me respect for it which I notice and I’m appreciative of. Wherever I go places whether it’s a big man of 50-60 years old or just like a youth 14/15 they hail man up for “Black Boys”.

HHC: Through your platform how do you continue promoting to people in staying focused to getting to their dreams?

Bashy: I do some vlogs that are called Never give Up and it’s about positive stuff and just you know focusing on your dreams, and on Twitter. I do a lot of tweets. Sometimes personal sometimes direct where I connect with someone directly, send them a DM. Me? I’m a positive person, I ain’t got no negative sort of vibe around me. Belief is not a given. Being successful isn’t your right, you have to earn it but like, life is sort of long you don’t wanna be pissed of living it. At least try you know what I mean. God loves a try-er.

Catch Cockney vs Zombie out now. The Great Escape drops soon, and My Brother The Devil is out in November. And will be a must see.

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