Devlin Interview With The Hip Hop Chronicle
08 Aug. 2012

Devlin Interview With The Hip Hop Chronicle

The Regeneration Celebration was the start of Jamaica’s 50th Independence last Sunday. And so in ode to Bob Marley, a pioneer that bought together so many, Bob Marley Way in Brixton made a day out of it. With some of London’s finest UK acts on the scene right now called to come and bless the stage it was a day of fun entertainment and the Bob Marley Empire. With Ras Kwame and Orange Hill who kept the performances coming, the likes of Crazy Cousins, Maverick Sabre, Lady Leshurr and Sway graced the stage. I had the pleasure of sitting down with Devlin, who also performed for a quick natter. Check out the gossip on Bob Marley, staying healthy and his plans for 2012.

HHC: How are you enjoying your day so far?

Devlin: it’s been good man you know what I mean. I only done two songs. But like I said I swear it’s just nice to be a part of something like this.

HHC: So in regards to Jamaican Independence and the music culture, how do you think it has come so far to where we are now?

Devlin: Every culture influences, do you know what I mean, wherever they go do you know what I mean, just the music do you know what I mean. I feel that drum and bass almost come from the reggae ska, do you know what I mean the drum patterns and obviously man it’s just nice to see everyone is having a good time man, it don’t matter about the weather nothing, were here saluting the legend.

HHC: Tell me what are your favourite Bob Marley tracks?

Devlin: No Woman No Cry man, I love no Woman No Cry. I love all his tracks along the line there’s so many to pick and all his tracks are massive do you know what I mean. That’s why it’s so important to be a part of today, to be invited down he someone I listened to half my life and to do something in honour of the man; it’s a big look for me.

HHC: So have you tried one of the Marley Mellow Mood Drinks today?

Devlin; I’ve not man I’m diabetic so I think there might be a bit too much sugar in there.

HHC: What about the tea’s?

Devlin: I see the tea. What did they have? The green tea.

HHC: They have chamomile as well as they are all natural.

Devlin: I just like normal cup of tea I’m boring

HHC: These drinks symbolise what health meant to Bob Marley. How do you go about staying healthy?

Devlin: Do you know what. I’m not the healthiest person to be fair man. I’m not even gonna lie or bother try lying. I’m not. I should sort myself out.

HHC: I call you the technical lyricist as when it comes to you and your performance; you become separated from the other UK artist. How do you hope to maintain this unique consistency about you?

Devlin: Anything I do I just try to put my heart and soul into it. It’s not going to be everyone’s cup of tea, I appreciate that but when I lyrics you never know, well you always know rather it’s not heart hearted. I put my heart on my sleeve. I Iike that technical lyricist. I try and be technical with the pros and wordplay, but that’s what make me buzz. When I’m riding out a lyric and you feel a buzz to it the flow, like an adrenaline rush. That’s what makes me buzz. But I like doing a lot of deep tunes and conscious tunes. That’s why people love Bob Marley and Bruce Springsteen, they’ve influenced my music when it comes to the more conscious and praising things, cause everyone’s a writer across the board whether you’re a rapper or a songwriter, were all writing. A good writer should be able to do something justice.

HHC: What have you got coming next for the rest of the year?

Devlin: I’m just focusing on this new album. It’s called A Moving Picture. I’ve got my first single “All Along The Watchtower” with Ed ( Ed Sheeran) and Labrinth out now. 2nd single 3rd single, drop the album run up on everyone shoot more videos and that’s it.

Look out for the EP: A Moving Picture is due for release the 29th October 2012

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