12 Dec. 2008

Hip Hop Moments Of 2008

What a year for Hip Hop. There have been dope albums, creative videos and a fair share of beefs.

This was the year when Ice-T went on the record and said Soulja Boy killed Hip Hop. Apparently Soulja Boy now thinks Nas killed it but lets not go there. 

2008 also saw Jay-Z marry Beyonce, a year in which Lil Wayne sold a millie in a week and even saw Kanye smack up the paparazzi.

Speaking of slapping people. Maino got in on the action with Yung Berg while Mazzi taught Mic Terror a lesson.

2008 also saw the emergence of talented young rappers like Donny Goines, Charles Hamilton, Wale, AC, Mickey Factz, Giggs, Nina B, Esso, Skyzoo, Sha Stimuli, Chipmunk, Bashy, Theopolius London, Ghetto, Kid Cudi, Th Tinchy Stryder, Tinie Tempah and many many more.

The genre also suffered some losses. Party Arty, MC Breed & Shakir Stewart were some who passed on this year.

2008 was the year where we treated to albums from Young Jeezy, Nas, T.I., Common, Kanye West, Ice Cube and the year in which America elected its first Black President in Barack Obama.

Below are some of my highlights.

Best Album

Im going to give this to Lupe Fiasco. I know Wayne, Kanye & T.I. had brilliant albums, im still going with Lupe.  I really think alot of people overlooked this album. This is a great body of work and Im just sad that Lupe is quitting the game after his next album.

I was going to go with Tha Carter III, Lil Wayne come up with the goods. I was pleasantly surprised but im giving it to Lupe (just).

Best Indie Album

Donny Goines – Minute After Midnight

Classic album!!!

Best Song (US)

A Millie – the amount of people who did freestyle’s over this beat. It got tiresome because no everyone went at it aside from a few people.

Best UK Song

Estelle – American Boy

Notable mentions – Dizzee – Come Dance With Me & Wiley – Wearing My Rolex

Best Freestyle

Jay-Z – A Billie – Lick A Shot For Barack Obama.

Corey Gunz’s freestyle deserves a mention.

Best UK Artist

Chipmunk – he keeps going from strength to strength. Always Recording, his label has also had a great year.

Notable mentions – Bashy, Dizzee, Wiley, Giggs

Best US Artist

Kanye West





Honourable Mention

Lil Wayne

His album was solid. He came through and surprised alot of people. He also sold a million records in a week which is an achievement for a music artist.

Lil Wayne 

Best Performance

Jay-Z – Glastonbury

This was one hell of a performance. I’ve seen Jay-Z loads of times but this was his most polished performance I’ve seen.

Great night for Hip Hop.


Beef Of The Year

T.I. vs Shawty Lo 

Shawty questioned T.I.’s authenticity not only as a rapper but also as a Bankhead native.

T.I. releases ‘No Matter What’ (a dope song). He also goes on the radio saying Shawty is barking at the moon.


Things intensify. When I do my interview with Shawty, he tells me the Beef was over. But then after ‘What’s Up, What’s Happenin’, which some have described as an ‘Ether’ to Shawty, the beef was back on.

Hip Hop Story Of The Year

The Rick Ross story about him being a CO (Correctional Officer) dominated Hip Hop news

Rick Ross

Notable Highlights

Mazzi’s Walking Blog

AC’s Attack Of The Blogs – genius move

DJ Semtex mentioned in New Nation’s Power 100.

Bars Segment

Thank you to all the readers of the site.

Shouts go to every single website that has sourced my site.

Thanks to everyone who voted for my site and allowed me to make history by being the first ever UK site to win an Online Hip Hop Award.

Shouts go out to my sister site Hip Hossip – (thanks to the readers for the votes too!!!)

Shouts go out to DJ Semtex – dude is sooo cool and his interviews are on another level.

Shouts to my camera-man (who shall remain annoynous for now lol)

And special thanks go to my home girl Mya.

2008 has been a good year for Hip Hop

Let’s hope 2009 is the same 

Happy New Year To All

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