Ice-T’s ‘Something From Nothing’ The Art of Rap, Premieres on VH1
09 Sep. 2012

Ice-T’s ‘Something From Nothing’ The Art of Rap, Premieres on VH1

As soon the news dropped that Ice-T would be making his directorial debut with what he calls his ‘love letter’ to Hip Hop, I was instantly excited about the upcoming docu-film, I was even more excited when it got it’s official theatrical release in cinemas and just that little bit more when I saw that we’d get a UK release and it was going to be conveniently showing in Brixton Ritzy cinema. So as avid Hip Hop fan I booked my tickets for the first official screening & live Q&A with Ice-T himself and headed down there.  However it seems as though, not enough support from the public has gone behind one of the best Hip Hop documentaries in recent memory and because of this the documentary actually premiered on VH1 last night.

For me this is bittersweet, on one hand it’s a shame that it hasn’t got the support and recognition it deserves, because it’s truly a great documentary. However with it being forwarded to TV this only means that it will be shooting straight to DVD/BluRay soon and being the kind of person I am, I had to check this. So the DVD/BluRay will be coming out on the 8th of October and is currently available to pre order from retailing at £11.99. Now the good thing about this is that; all the extra footage and interviews that Ice mentioned in his Q&A, will be on the DVD version, and he said they filmed about 80hours of footage and he has so many more freestyles that weren’t featured in the cinema release, 2 hour conversations with some of the greats in Hip Hop and so much more. Which only means you can expect a lot an ample amount extras and features that would put any Hip Hop head in heaven.

Now for all my rap fiends, here’s the VH1 TV edited version. It’s cut down from the original that clocked in at 120 mins and edited for TV purposes (you know language etc) but I know you’ll enjoy it either way. Go cop that DVD when it comes out to enjoy it in it’s entirety with those all the extras too. I mean, I’ve already got mine pre-ordered.


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