Jamieson Interview With The Hip Hop Chronicle UK
08 Aug. 2012

Jamieson Interview With The Hip Hop Chronicle UK

Born in the United Kingdom but now residing in New York City, The Hip Hop Chronicle caught up with Jamieson following the release of his new EP “I Came, I Saw Vol. 3”.

The project is the culmination of the ICIS trilogy, which has seen the UK rapper collaborate with Joell Ortiz, Sean Price, K.I.N.E.T.I.K. and !llmind.

In this interview with the HHC, Jamieson speaks on his new project, what he misses about the UK and battling Asher Roth.

Download the EP here.

Check out the interview below.

HHC: What’s good Jamieson, Firstly let me thank you for taking the time out to conduct this interview with us. The Hip Hop Chronicle would also like to congratulate you on a solid project like “I Came, I Saw Vol. 3”.

Jamieson: Thank you very much. You have supported me for the longest and that means a lot to me.

HHC: What does “I Came, I Saw Vol. 3” represent for you at this point in your career?

Jamieson: ICIS 3 represents growth both as a person and as an artist. Being that it’s the final installment of a trilogy, I wanted to show people the direction that I’m going in. It’s not mainstream but for definitely not as underground as Vol. 1 or Vol. 2 in terms of sound. I have managed to exploit songs that combine intricate/intelligent word play with good catchy hooks, and I think that’s where I excel.

HHC: What is this project bringing to the genre that hasn’t already been said yet?

Jamieson: I think what stands out in my music is my honesty. I’m not afraid to not be cool. I’m human, I fall in love, I make mistakes and go through heart break the same as everyone else. I’m not afraid to talk about these things. I think there are artists out there who are afraid to wear their hearts on their sleeves – I’m not one of them. From this EP the most positive feedback I have received has been for tracks like “Dear Roro” and “Loved,” both tracks that I really pour my emotions into.

HHC: What was the first and last song completed for the project?

Jamieson: First song was probably “Rebel With A Cause” which features K.I.N.E.T.I.K. and the last song was “I Told You So” with Shareen Amour.

HHC: The video for “I Get Busy” is interesting. A great concept? How did you come up with it?

Jamieson: The video was shot by Media Luv, the same people that did Asher Roth’s “Lark On My Go Kart.” The stuff they create is crazy. I sat down with them and played them “I Get Busy” and they liked the track. I told them that I wanted something that nobody had ever done – something animated that was just completely different. They came up with the lips and eyes concept. Filming it was really fun, I was stuck in a green room for hours with my face painted blue singing “I Get Busy” a million times (lol). When they finished the edit of the video, I sent it to France where Thomas Touron did an amazing job on post-production adding a lot of the additional graphic that were really the icing on the cake. Shout out to Media Luv and Thomas Touron. ROOONEY (laughs)

HHC: “Losing Faith” is very introspective record. Having put out the project, how much faith do you now have in your craft?

Jamieson: I have a lot of faith in my craft. I have come very far since I started rapping at 17. I’m going to win; matter fact, I’m already winning. Success is a journey and I’m on that journey. I’m not where I want to be but I’m at where I need to be. I am human and I have my days where I question things, but that gets shrugged off ASAP (lmao).

HHC: You mention it in your music and Steve Rifkind has gone on record about the battle between you and Asher Roth. My question is, what will happen if Asher Roth responds to your claims you beat him in a battle?

Jamieson: He won’t respond because I’m not at that stature where it makes a difference to him. I won the battle, he won the war – for now. I’m sure he has more pressing things in his career to figure out than giving press to an “intern” who beat him prior to him getting signed.

HHC: K.I.N.E.T.I.K. appears on this latest EP. He is someone you have collaborated a few times and you both seem to have a special chemistry, what makes that relationship work?

Jamieson: K.I.N.E.T.I,K is a brother to me before anything else. I have tremendous respect for him. That shows when we collaborate. I have never said this but I think he is the reason that I rap today. When I first heard him rap, I was astounded. It inspired me. His big head is probably getting bigger (lmao)!

HHC: What winds you up most about being in the music business?

Jamieson: It’s not really about the music anymore. It’s about looks and image and other shit that has nothing to do with the music. The politics are crazy too. That’s why I fuck with Adele. She is fat and not that attractive but her music is incredible, people buy into her music and not her per se and that’s great.

HHC: What is the next step for you?

Jamieson: The next step is to keep making good music and making sure that it gets even bigger looks than the previous stuff that I have released.

HHC: Ok, here are some quick fire questions: What do you miss the most about the United Kingdom?

Jamieson: One, My family, two, All the pretty girls with no ass (Laughs uncontrollably) and three, real bacon

HHC: Ok, what was the first album you ever brought?

Jamieson: Cypress Hill’s “Black Sunday”

HHC: Jay-Z, Biggie or Nas?

Jamieson: The old Jay-Z

HHC: Finally, where can people find out more about you?

Jamieson: You can log on to Jamiesonmusic.com. Follow me on twitter.com/jamiesonmusic and watch my videos on youtube.com/jamiesonmusictv

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