[Lyrical Tuesdays]: Kanye West “White Dress”
10 Oct. 2012

[Lyrical Tuesdays]: Kanye West “White Dress”

It is so good to see a smile on Kanye’s face now a days. Love really does bring out a certain type of happiness that only someone who really wants to see it can bring out of you. Kim and Kanye was a shock to the music world, but with a friendship that has spanned over 10 years, they always say they make the best relationships. His affection is vocally and wearable and every woman knows that when a man is able to express his true emotions about you, regardless of what others may say your onto a winner. From the moment he released “Cold” Mr West has continued to proclaim his heart  for his beau also romantic Kim Kardashian throughout his music while finally being able to enjoy the last piece of the puzzle that had him under the media eye as well as his G.O.O.D music.

This week for Lyrical Tuesdays we turn to his latest release “White Dress” When the song actually first dropped many assumed that the track was throwing subliminals at Amber Rose, however through “Don’t Like” and other tracks released over this year, it is quite clear that he is truly happy for his ex and her expecting baby boy with fiancee Wiz. However I think if anything this means that Yeezy’s husband and father clock is ticking as with exes on both sides conceived, his best friend with a 9month old, this track lets Kim know exactly what he has in store for their future.

“Let’s fly the Euro let’s make this the best summer ever

Now we headed to Rome, Rome is the home

Rome is where she act like she ain’t got no fu**ing phone

I accept that I was wrong  accept a nigga grown so I can’t bi**h and moan in a session getting stoned

So a nigga had to hop on a plane a bus and a train to try to come and talk and explain

Rented the whole bottom floor for a candlelit dinner

Wedding in June what could be better, lets fly the Euro make it the best summer ever

Take the very last car of the Euro-star, tell the conductor just drive so far

Told some of your friends and they wasn’t excited, well we’ll go to the countryside and they won’t be invited

We will not be disturbed by the fussing and fighting

Tell peaches light the urn cause we just reunited

I’m talking just me and you the plane and the pilot “


I wish him all the happiness that each and every one of us deserves!

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