[Lyrical Tuesdays]: Lupe Fiasco “Bad Bi**h”
10 Oct. 2012

[Lyrical Tuesdays]: Lupe Fiasco “Bad Bi**h”

As you already know the Boss man of Hip Hop Chronicle has decided to drop new daily segments for y’all.  Yesterday started off the week with Sample Monday’s and today is my turn to give you “Lyrical Tuesdays”

So you as you guys know over the last couple months we have had some pretty hot releases. The Hip Hop culture has been reignited and it is so beautiful to watch and listen to, as the pioneers have been getting the entire rap family to step their game up.  Now we all know that Kanye and Lupe alongside Nas are modern day conscious lyricists. With that being said, when Mr West used his Twitter a little while back to get a understanding of why today’s society is so comfortable with using the term “bitch” I only thought it fitting to now be able to have someone else explain the conception of what nature can become if nurture isn’t given or even understood by the nurturer. Lupe Fiasco recently dropped his highly anticipated EP “Food & Liquor II The Great Rap American Album Part 1” and this week he kicks things off with a dissected verse from “Bitch Bad”.

Now imagine as a shorty maybe 5 maybe 4

Riding round with his mamma listening to the radio

And a song comes on and a knot far from being born

Doesn’t know the difference between right and wrong

Now I aint tryna make it too complex

Let’s just say shorty has an undeveloped context

About the perception of women these days

His mamma sings along and this what she says

(homegirl’s voice) Cause I’m a bad bitch a bad bitch

Now when I heard this, if I had Kanye on email I would have him listen to this verse right here as it would have answered the question that the majority of society seemed to wonder but never explore. This is what makes Lupe Fiasco a beautiful lyricst as he bought to the core the answer we’ve all been looking for. And if you allow that verse to replay and let it settle, it will make sense. I as a woman am fully aware that the term is one now that is so loosely used, and has continued to become the “norm” through conversations, the work industry and the way men refer to women, how do we go about looking at ourselves as women and men that use the term?

Throughout all nations as Lupe says if you ever heard one of your parents use the term is this the reason why it remained in your cranium in storage? Why do you call a man or woman a bi**ch? What does that make you, the person that is calling that person a bi**ch? Some would say that people that use certain profanity are the ones who may have at one point in their life, become senstive to a situation or relationship which has made them become more scornful in approaching a simliar situation. Whatever the reason taking a few seconds to understand your words that you have quickly composed at that very moment, that saying “think before you talk” could actually allow you to start a domino affect in deleting the profanity from you mindset and also repair not just your respect,a respect for other people. We cross and meet thousands of people in our lifetime and by removing that word we build the confidence and out look that they have too. We all know that God don’t like ugly now.

Thank you Lupe Fiasco for starting the domino chain.

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