Lyrical Tuesdays: Nas “Bye Baby”
10 Oct. 2012

Lyrical Tuesdays: Nas “Bye Baby”

For lyrical Tuesdays we are serving up a dose of Queen’s finest Nasir Jones. Now we all know that when the release of “Life Is Good” was handed to us we got the truth and nothing but the truth of our assumptions and opinions over his absence from music, wife and kids. In “Bye Baby” Nas takes into his reality despite his happy ever after not being forever. The fact that he revealed what men would not due to a bruised ego and a broken heart, allows us to understand the absence of one Hip Hop’s finest. It takes a lot for “man” to put out there how someone they deemed as special made them vulnerable to a pain that everyone human being is scared of feeling.

And so in “Bye Baby” Nas drops a couple bars and let’s rip on all those “men” who these days seem to be gossiping more than us women! Yes I said it and you all are getting quite good at gathering to converse on the latest goings on in one another’s life forgetting that at any moment you could put yourself under that spotlight for a detailed examination.

And it’s this verse here that exposes the men that either are living life or watching others and talking about theirs:

“And all I seen was some of these cowards under their breath like

Why did Nas trust her

But look at yourself speak louder bruh

You live with your baby moms

And scared to make an honest woman out of her

And make her your bride

Fake pimps you aint even alive

At least I can say I tried plus enjoyed the ride

Next go round I hope I pick the truest type

And watch me do it all again

As a beautiful life aight goodbye ”


Life is meant to be lived. And sometimes not taking risks in situations comes down to the control you are used to having in your life. Love is not something you can control. It is one of the most beautiful forms in the world, however today’s society find it easier to base how they live theirs on what others go through. We forget though that everyone goes through relationships differently. As well as that we tell our friends what we want them to know and not everything they need to know. In that being said, let’s all live life for us because Life Is Good.

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