12 Dec. 2009


Im sure you are aware that Nokia Music are the latest partners to my site and I wanted to give you a heads up on a competition we are doing this week.
With Christmas around the corner, we have decided to run a “Twitter-only” contest to win a brand new Nokia Bluetooth Stereo Headphone Headset.

More info on the headset here: http://bit.ly/1ajHdL or http://www.nokia.com/microsites/bh-905



If you want to win, all you gotta to do is log on to twitter at 2pm UK time (9am EST) on December 14th and finish off a lyric of a Hip Hop themed Christmas song.

There will be another competition on the 16th.

P.S. Look out for another Christmas competition with PUMA later this week. Im giving away 2 pairs of sneakers (one pair for the guys and another for the ladies).

Sincerely Yours

Sumit aka The Hip Hop Santa! lol

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