11 Nov. 2009

Rakim Interview With eMusic

You know who’s a good rapper? Rakim. Uncontroversialopinions

Oh, wait, this isn’t Twitter. Whoops! Sometimes I forget that some thoughts require more than 150 or so keystrokes to communicate. That one, however, doesn’t really need anything further; Rakim is, well, he’s Rakim. In advance of his latest album, The Seventh Seal, which hits eMusic on Tuesday, Ben Westhoff sat down and talked with the original God MC, and I gotta say: I can’t imagine how it would feel like to sit down and talk with this dude. So I admire how Ben Westhoff kept his cool in this one, asking some probing questions of one of the most legendary rappers still breathing. Rakim, for his part, is extremely candid about the rough, uncharted road that a rapper over 40 faces, even one who basically invented rapping as we currently know it. Check out the Q&A below, and be sure to come back for The Seventh Seal next week.

Rakim Interview With eMusic 

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