[Review]: Blu & Exile – “Maybe One Day EP”
07 Jul. 2012

[Review]: Blu & Exile – “Maybe One Day EP”

Los Angeles rapper Blu and California producer Exile, join forces for the third time.

Both of these artists have an alternative style of hip hop music, which when combined has a nice sound to it. Now to those who have been up on Blu & Exile, this EP might not make you feel like a child on Christmas day.

Mainly because, there is not a large amount of new music. There are six tracks on the EP, which of two are instrumentals and two have previously been released. For those who have Give Me My Flowers While I Can Smell Them on their music players, you will have already heard ‘I am Jean’ & ‘Maybe One Day’ which was previously called ‘She Said It’s Ok’.

Now that is cleared up, this is not the type of hip hop in which many of you may be used to listening to.

There are no, “I sell kilos” and “we popping bottles in the club” type of songs here. This is feel good music.

The curtain raiser to this EP ‘Maybe One Day’ has summer written all over it. Black Spade on the chorus adds a sense of relaxation to the track which gives the previously released tracks a fresh feeling. You wouldn’t have thought just adding a four bar chorus could make a difference, however it off sets the verses ever so nicely. Blu’s voice matches the piano keys in the background ever so effortlessly. The jazz filled track ‘I Am Jean’ continues the same feeling that ‘Maybe One Day’ left off. The lyrics within this track may not be as powerful like that of the ‘modern rappers’, which leads to the beat overwhelming Blu’s lyrics.

Mid-way through the EP, ‘Cent from Heaven’ drops. Although this track may not be listed as an instrumental, it is. The strings within the beat are good and the sample is neat, however can’t help but think, hearing Blu flow over this beat would have turned the instrumental into a pretty good track. Blu shows us his deep thinking side in ‘A Man’ by discussion the relationship between man and their higher power. A fitting topic to debate over the gospel type beat as it rains in the background. This is one track will get a good reception.

The last two tracks are the instrumentals to ‘Maybe One Day’ and ‘I Am Jean’. If you want to hop on one of them and see if you can do better than Blu, you can. Overall, this EP is more for those who have not heard of either Blu or Exile.

This is a good window into see the kind of sound they have and how they work together.

Rating : 5/10 – A good eye opener for new fans, although lacks a large amount of new material.

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