[Review]: Frank Ocean – “Channel Orange”
07 Jul. 2012

[Review]: Frank Ocean – “Channel Orange”

Come and take a dip jump into the deep oceanic port that Frank Ocean has created for our enjoyment.

The Odd Future member has stepped aside from his crew and served up hisvery 1st debut album.

Creating a musical immersion that you will be glad to have dipped into, we are taken into a reality world that is not too much different from our own. And within this world, we are injected into how this master pieces his deepest wonders thoughts and imagination together to bring us a creation that his mixtape merely touched the surface to tease us with.

Opening with a live instrumental orchestra Frank selectivelybegins to put together a love story together that stops on many different levels. “Thinking Bout Ya” and “Sierra Leone” breaks the ice and starts the butterflies going with a mid tempo steamy futuristic sound. Serenading a loved one, could never be so sweeter, especially when seducing someone who you think is near but is farther away than expected.

Getting into the swing of the R&B songwriter, he turns up the volume when we delve into the deepness of his live witness accounts on himself and on others. Defining the understanding of value and highlighting the lack of dedication the younger generation deem to take in order to get it, “Sweet Life Pilot Jones” and “Crack Rock” showcase the hearts desires.

And the drums head thumping mellow bass and crashing cymbals allow Frank’s raw harmonising soul to take us high, and bring us crashing down to the reality and effect of what cruising on a downward spiral can do to other people’s lives.

“Pyramids” cleverly gets broken up into three different sections of upbeat rock your head, click your fingers as the Odd Future member shows off that longevity can work if you know how to do it right.

Taken to the club he serves up how infatuation can take you to new heights. With “Lost” the continuation of the infatuation rolls on by with an oriental scientific gaming beat to smoothly bring in an acoustic interlude featuring John Mayer.

Throughout this wonderful collection, the influential flow of old school good time music gets into full swing with “Monks” bringing us a Prince aura. Frank skills using a perfect soundtrack with the perfect instruments used in the right time and at the right place, emphasizes his story as all that more beautiful.

“Bad Religion” and “Forrest Gump” open Pandora’s Box on who the mystery lover was that gave Frank his broken heart. The lost love that maybe he hopes will return will continue to live with him for the rest of his life, but for his fans has left a lasting impression and a timeless piece of art that will never ever be non-relatable too.

Christopher “Lonny” Breaux has used channel ORANGE to simply tell the tale of a man who has been in love, real love and not won the winning prize in hearing those three words that everyone in the world needs to hear to make them feel like the most important person in someone’s world.

This is what R&B used to do, make you feel like your life is being sung by someone who gets you.

From the collaborations that feature on the EP, to the plain old truth of it all strengthens what is a very tight intense and humbly soul moving record.

Top 3 Tracks: “Monks”, “Pink Matter” (Featuring Andre 3000) and “Pilot Jones”

Relevant Websites: www.frankocean.com

Rating: 9.5 – Faultless time piece classic that will continue to intrigue the minds of all that come in contact. And it’s only the first.

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