[Review]: Nas – “Life Is Good”
07 Jul. 2012

[Review]: Nas – “Life Is Good”

The lyrical undisputed godfather of rap is back and has strolled in with Life Is Good.

A template for rap couture at its finest, influencing the ears of those who forget what life brings the arrival of real core hip hop to life is here for a teaching session.

Nasir does what he does best, spits the truth and nothing but the truth. What does life need to involve for it to be worth sharing with the world? For the Queensbridge MC it included the memories of his late mother, a marriage, children a divorce and releasing it all on the beloved and scared microphone the symbolic release to everything burdened.

We all grow up and they say that your past determines your future. Life is what you make it. You have to live it to say you’ve really lived. The good times and the bad times define breaking points in a person’s life which continue to mould and shape the way you will endure looking at life and your future that lingers ahead of us.

This, the 10th studio album from Nasty Nas is grown folks talk. And if you can’t stand the heat as a real listener and be able to take the teachings, warnings and advice then you better get out the kitchen. In today’s society the majority of rappers merely skim over their everyday personal life ie: what goes on when you take yourself out of the limelight cameras and online media’s attention.

“Bye Baby” reveals the real love that men only share with their partners and nearest and dearest. So bringing to light what the media thought they knew, Nas drops an 80’s feel hip hop beat and tells us how it really went down. His truth also puts today’s world of men into perspective as there are less marriages yet more children being conceived. We are all scared of trying something new and worst off when it comes to an end, dealing with the aftermath.

However, because “Life Is Good”, it shows the evolution that we all need to promote to ourselves and one another. “Daughters” the well-received single gives another intake into the sabbatical of Nas. Fatherhood comes with no handbook and with two children maintaining a consistent relationship, while juggling working to give them a better future could drop as a mixtape all on its own.

If this is the first Nas album you’ve ever listened to then fear not. Sprinkling pinches of his talented consistent flow of the years “It Was Written”, “Stillmatic” and “Godson” are just a few titles that have reminded the rap world that he respects the core and conception of what has made him the footprint of today’s nation.

Keeping it real for those still out on their grind, as experience only sinks deeper into the skin and minds of our growing bodies, the Braveheart serves up some real hip hop with “Accident Murderers” showing understanding and truth of that way of life and the roads that’ll keep you there.

Releasing hope and positivity to the suppressed nations with “A Queens Story”“You Wouldn’t Understand” and “World’s An Addiction” echo hope of living to survive, find love in a frustrating economical financial and stereotyped world, where even aspiring to live your dreams is an everyday fight to the top.

Looking like a fresh teen life has been most definitely good for Nasir Bin Olu Dara Jones. It feels like we’ve come full circle with him, meeting him in the middle scolding him for being gone for so long but patriotically thanking him for his absence. Through his truth telling, free flowing lyrically touching biography of the last couple of years, the snap shots and standout memories throughout his life, allow us to feel that peace of mind and his contentment with all that life had bought to him.

This could be easily played as an everyday anthem for the fans of real hip hop. And for the ladies, a couple of tracks letting us know that he believes in love and is still out there looking for the future Mrs Jones. Music cuts and influences from the conception era we need to bring back, the musical production is an impeccable delight to the ears of the old school and new generation enjoying the genre.

Iconic producers in the game such as No:I.D, and Swizz Beatz, with features from Amy Winehouse Large Professor and Mary J Blige all in all, stamp a collection that has recorded and imprinted another turning point in society.

And the best part about it is that we’re all going to have to set him free again if we want that encore album, because finding a happy ending is what Life Is Good- The Sequel is going to be all about.

Top 3 Tracks: “Bye Baby”, “You Wouldn’t Understand” and “Roses”.

Website: www.nasirjones.com

Ratings: 9.5 – Classic pure artistry that comes from living the life told. Perfection at its best.

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