[Review]: Rita Ora – “ORA”
08 Aug. 2012

[Review]: Rita Ora – “ORA”

3 years after being signed to Jay-Z’s label Roc Nation, London’s very own Rita Ora has finally released her debut album ‘Ora’.

Rita Ora first launched onto the charts with the massive hit‘Hot Right Now’ in February of this year. Many may have thought that she would have been a one hit wonder and faded away over time. However, those who know Roc Nation, know that longevity is something Jay-Z takes seriously when it comes to his artist. Rita managed to not only keep her buzzgoing but increase it, following up with hit singles ‘How We Do (Party)’ and ‘R.I.P’.

Now her album has arrived and it is time to see if she can continue her triumph start to music.

It is clear that her label have a lot of faith in her talents, this shows by the amount of time and money they have invested in her. With songs written by Drake, production from The Dream, Stargate and features from J.Cole and Will.I.Am, this album is star-studded affair.

The production on this album seems to feel familiar and nothing seems to really stand out as ground breaking. The majority of the songs don’t allow us to hear her vocal prowess, which is unfortunate.

Although there is nothing pioneering within this album, it does present some of her best assets. Rita’s strength in this album is here choruses, whether she is making you fist pump to ‘Fall In Love’ or humming to‘R.I.P’ at work, the choruses stick in your mind and make you want more.

The opening track ‘Facemelt’ is the definition of in-your-face, playing this track at full blast is an experience in itself. Apart from the curtain raiser, the rest of the album is what you would normally expect from an RnB/pop album.
The Londoner shows her rock side, throws her diamonds in the air and tells us about how her life has changed since she got signed to Roc Nation, in the aptly named song ‘Roc’ The Life’.

For those looking for songs to play at their next house party there is more than enough for you to jumping about and sing off key too. Tracks such as ‘Hot Right Now’, ‘Radioactive’and ‘Fall In Love’ have Ibiza beach party written all over them, and guarantee Rita will remain in our clubs for months to come.

In spite of the large amount of club songs, there are some songs which show Rita’s emotional side.

‘Young, Single & Sexy’ is a song where she talks about not needing a guy who broke her heart because, well, she’s young, single and sexy. ‘Hello, Hi, Goodbye’ also touches on the topic of love and dealing with relationships. It would have been nice to see more of this side to her as it would allow the listen to connect to her as a person not just an artist.

Although it is not the same as all the other pop albums, it does not set itself that far apart from them. However, this album does show that Rita Ora possesses the potential to become the queen of pop. The lack of personality makes it hard for the album to seem unique, however, listening to this album isentertaining and it is almost certain to be the soundtrack to many a fun night.

Top 3 Songs: Radioactive, R.I.P, Young, Single & Sexy

Rating: 6.5/10 – Solid debut album, good party anthems.

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