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09 Sep. 2010

ItsTheReal Presents: Hype Men (Episode 4)

Tweet The episode’s guest is comedian Jake Fogelnest. Comedian Jake Fogelnest joins the Hype Men to discuss hanging with the Beastie Boys at 16 years old + Cypress Hill + Public Enemy and the S1W’s + Skee-Lo’s alleged whereabouts + Lauryn Hill’s alleged craziness + Jake’s drug issues and recovery + Wet Hot American Summer […]

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07 Jul. 2010

True Or False With Cypress Hill (Video)

Tweet Here’s a segment from my Cypress Hill interview. I decided to play a game with the group and put them through some “True Or False” questions. I asked whether there was any truth that DVX was the group’s original name. Whether the group are actually banned from SNL (Saturday Night Live) and whether the […]

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