Tracks Of The Week
10 Oct. 2012

Tracks Of The Week

That time of the week where the team at Hip Hop Chronicle give their honest opinions and pick their tracks of the week.

I am very proud of the writers that they are able to do something like this. Too often we don’t have “writers” offer opinion because they don’t want to upset their “friends” at a label.

But I digress. Below, Eboni, Smackie and Natasha bless me with their picks of the week.

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Eboni’s Picks Of The Week – Follow Eboni On @2Emazing

Kendrick Lamar Ft Drake – Poetic Justice

This song is actually so ill, I’ve had it on repeat for hours, I had to force that next button to get through the rest of the album. Drake does a great job and shows exactly why he flourishes when he’s speaking about his relationship woes. It was a perfect combination, great soulful beat and Kendrick doesn’t allow himself to be confined to one type of sound, he easily rides the soft piano keys accompanied by background singer. The whole song meshes and the use of Janet Jackson sample was genius. I’ll stop gushing about it now, I’m sure you get it and if you don’t. You better press play.

Brandy – Can You Hear Me Now?

Brandy returned to the scene with a great album in Two Eleven (if you follow me on twitter you’d have seen a tweet or 10 about it). She’s remains as consistent as ever and the album cut ‘Can You Hear Me Now’ especially tickled my fancy. On the track Brandy exercises her sensuality on the sexy jam. She boldly addresses her lover whilst fearlessly donning her womanhood on top of a pulsating instrumental that aids her desires. Following the Miguel’s album last week. All I’m saying is ‘RnB Back, RnB Back’.

A$AP Rocky – Fuckin’ Problem Ft Kendrick Lamar, Drake & 2 Chainz

Basically all the hot boys are on this one, and it goes in. 2 Chainz provides the hook for the Noah ’40’ Shebib production and A$AP Rocky tells everyone to get like him, as he stunts alongside Drake & Kendrick Lamar. This literally just stole my other song of the week’s spot, so I’d suggest you listen to it. It also looks like now that Drake has graduated High School he’s making a slow and steady return to Hip Hop after summer absence.

Smackie’s Picks Of The Week – Follow @AmaAma_

Meek Mill – ‘Maybach Curtains” (feat. Nas, Rick Ross & John Legend)

Possibly one of the most anticipated records off Meek Mill’s upcoming album, featuring a killer line with John Legend, Nas, and Rick Ross. This is more laid back than the typical Meek we are so used to hearing on tracks such as House Party, Amen, Burn etc etc but does feature some typical Meek Meel when referencing his new found riches. John makes this track sooo smooth, his voice just soothes any track. I actually love this track and I don’t know if its because of the line up, the more chilled vibe or because of John Legend’s vocal ability, either way if Dreams & Nightmares is like this I am so in.

CyHi The Prynce – “James Harden”

There are possibly more catchy tracks that came out this week, however I liked the analogy that CyHi The Prynce used on his latest freestyle that I chose this as my second track. Still not the most recognised member of the G.O.O.D music clan, CyHi spits about his current journey to where he is at, including the number of women he has bagged and the fact he may not be the richest, but he most definitely is not starving. Over a soulful beat CyHi compares himself to Oklahoma City player James Harden, in which he may share a roster with more prominent artists he is still a key player within the G.O.O.D music team.

Natasha’s Tracks Of The Week – Follow Natasha On @ItsOnToTheNext1

Kendrick Lamar Ft Drake “Poetic Justice”

Anyone that can take an old school beat and put some lyrics over it that respects the track and the deliverance will always get my vote. And this is what Kendrick has done. With his album just been released highly anticipated my I had this is for me a certified hit. Over Janet Jackson’s old school hit “Anytime” Lamar gets Drizzy Drake on board to rhyme about us females in a way that can have everyone stop and listen. Hence it being one of my favourites this week.

Asher Roth “Wrestling Is Fake”

I love this dude man. I mean he is just another planet but it’s a cool one where whatever he does is just certified cool. On this track he just rips it to shreds when he actually lets rip on the fun side of life that the industry provides you with. As he isn’t one to brag and show off, he does this track well for he fact that you can feel it through the lyrics. And the hard hitting drums and sick guitar in the back track is just a-maz-ing. Like c’mon dude!

A$AP Rocky “F**kin Problem” Ft 2 Chainz Drake & Kendrick Lamar

Hustling the baddest in the game right now, A$AP gets his beast mode on when it comes to expressing the problems that he may have from time to time. The collective allow Tity Boi to begin cornering the chicks on this track, while the others allow themselves to let go on everything that doesn’t get a chance to vent every now and again. With a chick bringing in the mid bass back track this mean boy flow will have everyone bumpin they head to this one.

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