Tracks Of The Week
08 Aug. 2012

Tracks Of The Week

It’s Friday and that means one thing, the HHC Staff pick their tracks of the week.

Some big tracks have dropped in the past week including a new Aaliyah record and DJ Khaled’s monster collaboration with Nas, DJ Premier and Scarface.

There have also been some gems from the likes of Braydz, Freeway, Freddie Gibbs and Madlib.

Take a look below as Sian, Lewis, Smackie, Tubbs, Natasha and Good Roots pick their tracks of the week.

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Sian’s Tracks Of The WeekFollow Sian On Twitter @sianmelia

Young Chris Feat. Rico Love – “Go Hard Money”


Young Chris hits us again with “Go Hard Money,” a high-priced collaboration with his Division 1 boss Rico Love. This one’s not bad at all, but does seem better suited for radio compared to Chris’s last leak.

Alley Boy Feat. Pusha T – Your Favorite Rapper


Atlanta’s own Alley Boy is preparing his new mixtape and this is the first taste of what we have off The Gift Of Discernment. This first taste of new music features Pusha T who lyrically disses the Young Money Crew. It sounds like the two are sending shots at Lil Wayne with lines like “your favorite rapper is a damn lie.” And “how really is he if he’s paying for his blood ties?”

Hit-Boy Feat. John Legend- WyWy


This is another track off Hit-Boy’s free solo album “HITstory.” I like the different vibe and clean sound this song has. Produced by G.O.O.D. Music this album is set to be big, “I’m just excited to finally put out material of my own,” says Hit-Boy. “I’ve put my heart into building hit records for other artists and now, I feel it is time for me to prove myself as a recording artist too.”

Dream Mclean – Network


MTA Records signee Dream Mclean’s first single, “Network” has been reveled and it’s quite impressive. I’ve been excited to hear more of Dream Mclean and once he signed to Chase & Status’ label his debut single was sure not to disappoint. Chase & Status provide the beat which works well with Dreams lyrical content. Some of my favorite lyrics include: “Lyrical killer, whoops, metaphor dropper, syllable spiller. I’ll kill you for lunch, I’ll kill you for dinner, then I’ll eat you for breakfast, I’m a cereal killer.”

Natasha’s Tracks Of The WeekFollow Natasha On Twitter @itsontothenext1

DJ Khaled- “Hip Hop” Ft Scarface, Nas & DJ Premier

One of the hottest DJ’s on the block still doing this big has let off a serious banging record that let’s us know that he is not playing around. Kiss The Ring is the anticipated album about to drop this month from the one and only DJ Khaled, and he has creatively put a track together in ode to the genre for all that it has bought him by allowing him to be one of the best. Fittingly titled Hip Hop is a love song to Hip Hop. Serenaded with features from some of Hip Hop’s influential in the game, you just have to listen to see what I’m going on about. Disturbingly bad ass.

Hit Boy – “Brake Lights & She Belongs To The City”

We got to get up and give this producer some dap. Seriously at 25 and to be signed to G.O.O.D Music, one of the most elite rosters in the Rap game, Hit Boy is certainly on his way to greatness. With his name on everybody’s Twitter and album credits, he decided to drop his very own mixtape this week. Following the steps of his HIC Kanye West, the next Yeezy is a rapper as well as a producer too. And the HITstory mixtape blends his present and future talents together to create something special.

Asher Roth “The World Is Not Enough”

I don’t what it is about this dude right, but the way he’s mind works when it comes to creating music just puts a smile on my face. With a back track filled with old time soul, saxophones and half a page of some “sit down and learn something” lyrics Asher Roth does what he does best. Makes music for any situation that makes you listen to what is really going on. With us and around us.

Tubbs’ Tracks Of The WeekFollow Tubbs On Twitter @tubbskreguer

Dj Khaled – Hip Hop Feat. Scarface, Nas & DJ Premier

Putting legends on a track is the trend for these miami moguls lately. On paper Nas, Face Mobb, and Premo sounds so epic,but in real life you cant beat that ish. The track itself is pretty self explanatory when you think about it. When great rappers show their love for that lady named hip hop. We as fans have to appreciate it. At the end of the day khaled put two of raps greatest story tellers on a track with premo scratching over the beat. I would have to commend khaled on this one…just don’t tell nobody i gave him props. lol!

Alley Boy Feat. Pusha t – Your Favorite Rapper

Atlanta currently has their fare share of entertainers not enough rappers. This track reminds me of some early t-i-p . I especially enjoy when pusha t spits his usual subliminal bars. When u Repetitively keep hearing “your favorite rapper a damn lie” as the hook . That makes this song just rings off to me. Besides the fact theres some hard truth behind both rappers verses.

Freeway – We Up


Freeway embarks on a team early anthem for the grinders. The beat is real chill but has a little energy to it,and In typical freeway fashion he tells his story. In this story is the good the bad and ugly about his life and the rap game. So wake up! #TEAM EARLY WE UP!!!

Freddie Gibbs & Mad lib Feat. BJ The Chicago Kid – Shame


Mad-Gibbs combo delivers some great story telling and production. I can only expect greatness from mad lib though. This dude gibbs has been slept on but i guess that because the corporate team he’s on. This laid back track gives gibbs a whole new way to tell his gangsta and a gentlemen story. Gibbs delivers!

Good Roots’ Tracks Of The WeekFollow Good Roots On Twitter @djgoodroots

Skyzoo – “Jansport Strings”

As you all know I’m a huge 9th Wonder fan! Skyzoo is also a favorite emcee of mines. His flow comes off heavy but also swift at the same time. Dope beat, dope rhymes what more can you ask for! Gotta love it. #Skyzoo #9thWonder

Braydz – “This Is Hip Hop”


Now I haven’t heard much overseas Hip Hop and the few I have listen to isn’t really my type of shit. But that’s certainly not the case with Braydz! His flow is pure and smooth unlike others he doesn’t sound like he is trying too hard to spit. I’m definitely interested in hearing more from this cat. #London #HipHop

DJ Khaled – “Hip Hop” Feat. Nas, Scarface, & DJ Premier

It gets no rawer than this! Three Hip Hop legends on a track is certain to be greatness and that’s exactly what’s this is. Big-ups to DJ Khaled as well man. He is definitely making his mark in the game! #HipHop #Legendary

Lewis’ Tracks Of The WeekFollow Lewis On Twitter @lew_rid

Dunson Ft. Natalie Imani – Mayhem

Currently managed by the same team as John Legend, Dunson is on the come up right now. Having just released a brand new free EP titled ‘The Investment’, the Maryland Rapper/Singer/Songwriter/Producer posseseses a broad range of skills and mixes up his game impressively. Stay tuned for a possible UK collaboration with a London artist that I have been working on putting together. Mayhem is one hell of a track!

P Money – Roll Call

Roll Call saw its first play a few nights ago on Logan Sama’s Kiss 100 show and is the first taste of what’s to come on his forthcoming EP ‘Dubstepping’, out August 27th.

Aaliyah Feat. Drake – Enough Said

Drake hinted about some sort of posthumous Aaliyah project back in March and this week he went one further and dropped my #1 track of the week! Old school drizzy accompanied by the beautiful voice of Aaliyah, a Noah “40” Shebib production which will sound familiar to fans of Drake’s ‘So Far Gone’ album. Although theres nothing massively different about this one, the simplicity only adds to its appeal.

DJ Khaled Feat. Nas, Scarface & DJ Premier – Hip Hop

Im not a fan of Khaled, but when my favourite rapper NaS rolls up on a track then I give it some ear time. Scarface & Nas pen a letter to the love of their lives “Hip Hop”. This track is true testimony of their passion!

Smackie’s Tracks Of The WeekFollow Smackie On Twitter @Ama_TT

Asher Roth – The World is Not Enough

In conjunction with #AshWednesday Asher Roth dropped ‘The World is Not Enough’ an incredibly satisfying record. Sampling Charles Bradley’s “The World (Is Going Up in Flames)”

Asher Roth effortlessly delivers some lyrically astute verses over some soulful and jazz influenced beats. I would be astonished if anybody didn’t appreciate this; it’s got a nice chilled vibe.

And on the radio they play only things they pay
Man, it’s a shame cause the music was our only escape so
Now we all alone and everybody’s a clone
Cause everybody’s always on the cellular phone
So now we getting slow and becoming a drone
We’re missing out on really living, I just want you to know
This world

Def Sound – ‘#NoSandusky’

On my usual Internet travels I came across this incredibly dope track by LA native Def Sounds. Spitting bars over the Flosstradamus produced beat, which is their remixed production of Lana Del Ray’s Video Games track, in case you wondered where you had heard the beat from; Def Sounds flawlessly flows over the varying changes in the production. Riding effortlessly over smooth vocals, those 808’s and snares, this is a pretty good collaboration to say the least.

“Now I aint a rapper
I’m just an artist
means i paint a picture
before ya saw it”

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