Tracks Of The Week
09 Sep. 2012

Tracks Of The Week

Looking forward to the weekend? I bet you are but while you are chilling, working or surfing your favourite blogs, take a listen to the Hip Hop Chronicle’s tracks of the week.

Each week, the staff over at the HHC, take their time to give you their picks of the week with real opinion.

Wiz Khalifa’s track with The Weeknd seems to have got a big response from the writers as has Ludacris’ track with Kelly Rowland.

Vicky Green, Neako, Phonte, Kendrick Lamar and Freddie Gibbs also get mentions.

Join Natasha, Eboni, Ritz, Lewis, Sif Infamous, Tubbs and Smackie as they give you honest and candid opinions on their picks of the week.

Natasha’s Tracks Of The Week – Follow Natasha On @ItsOnToTheNext1

Rihanna “Diamonds”

Maybe it’s the fact that she’s taken our London influence and ran with it. Or maybe it could be the fact that despite not being vocally strong, Rihanna is able to make a decent track working with what she’s got. For Diamonds, it feels like she’s gone back to her roots as her voice has had some training for the lyrically catching track. Who knows what “Moonshine and molly” means to the Bajan cutie pie. However despite revealing the revelation that we all knew (she still loves her some Chris Brown) and the way the media has responded from it, this track is one for everyone. And we all know who else too. And from when she’s got my four year old mini journo up swaying and singing along, it looks like RiRih has gone and done it again.

Ludacris “Representin” Ft Kelly Rowland

A fellow Virgo gearing up for a 2013 release of his new album, Ludacris nicely dropped “Representin” on us. With the help of Kelly Rowland making this grown track sexy they both mesh together like gel beautifully. It’s like Kelly’s “Motivation” which is why Ludacris made a smart move enlisting her to bring the track to life. The beat is made crazy and is definitely one for the girls who know how to drop it hott!

Chris Brown “Dont Judge Me”

Now for me this pulled my heart strings to the point that when I actually saw Breezy shedding tears in the video I knew that mine weren’t fake. I think for me why this is an incredible story, is for the fact that we have been going through the motions with Breezy. And y’all know what I’m talking about. This video is like an insight to all the feelings he is now able to share with the world when he was going through his tribulations. And I’m so happy that now he is in a better place he is able to look back and share this with us. Take from it what you choose but when it comes to directing, Chris never seems to slip from his pedestal in making music come to life, Visually one of the best I’ve seen all year. Yeah I said it.

Tubbs’ Picks Of The Week – Follow Him @tubbskreguer

Phonte – “Gonna Be A Beautiful Night” Feat. Carlitta Durand

Phonte always keeps his music really mature for his audience. Im Not saying mature is a bad thing ; im just sayin he shows growth through his music. The “s1” and “caleb” produced rap ballad was featured on phonte’s last project “Charity starts at home”. I like this song and the video definitely captures the subject matter. I particularly like this song because of the singing. The singing provides more backbone to the songs content.

Vicky Green – “Riverside”


Shorty is totally bald but in a crazy way she is very attractive. I want to hold hands with her on the low lol! Mrs Vicky green paints a picture of the neighborhood she loves so much. I think bishop would be so proud of her. The newcomer spits with a cadence thats demanding like of rapper rah digga. Her demeanor and slick talk keeps you in tune to hear her next set of bars. I like what i’m hearing from shorty i hope theres more music out there. Whoever Willie b is that cat definitely murdered this beat and sample.

Riverside m’fer!

Neako – “3 or 4”

The Brick City raised artist always keep it g in his videos. I still don’t know how this song slipped past me,but i think its missing more thump. The hook is the most memorable part of the song that i like. Neako is definitely a strong producer and theres no arguing about that. He is very strict with making sure he is being different with his music. I give the homie props for being creative especially being from the garden state (Jersey). This song is a subtle anthem that can turn up in the right atmosphere. Big ups to hooda- ville though!

Sif Infamous’ Picks Of The Week – Follow Sif On @Sif_Infamous

DJ Drama – “My Way” Feat. Common, Lloyd & Kendrick Lamar

DJ Drama has kept me in tune with the leaks that have been coming out for his new album Quality Street Music which dropped earlier this week. An album stream is available on spin or you can preorder on itunes

Wiz Khalifa – “Remember You” Feat. The Weeknd


Cool song it could be the new single that tides wiz until ONIFC comes out although i think he mat need to bless us with a mixtape before the album drops. Homie has got alot on his plate at the moment so we’ll see if my prediction comes true!!

Freddie Gibbs – “Krazy” Feat. Jadakiss & Jay Rock

This song just feels cult classic, I mean the showoff on the beat with representation from D-Block and CTE? Freddie Gibbs came through with his Baby Faced Killa mixtape and part of that is the featured tracks and great Beat Selection. Don’t Sleep!

Tyga – “Crenshaw @ Midnight” Feat. Dom Kennedy

Something a little different from Tyga, this track was apparently chopped from from Well Done 3 but i got no idea why because T Raww is really spittin!!

Ritz Pick Of The Week – Follow Ritz On Twitter @NewbeatsDaily

Ludacris – “Representin'” Feat. Kelly Rowland

Luda is back with a new single off Ludaversal featuring the gorgeous Kelly Rowland, this has to be one of my favorite tracks in a while . Kelly kills the hook man and a nice beat on deck.

Kendrick Lamar – “Art Of Peer Pressure”

K.Dot suffered a leak this week no word if this from the album but when you hit play it’s pretty safe to say this is album worthy.

Rihanna – Diamonds

Old Ri Ri back, i love this track, compared to her recent this work this reminds me of the Rihanna that i fell in love with when i was younger. Her 7th studio album is coming soon.

Smackie’s Picks Of The Week – Follow @AmaSpins

Wiz Khalifa – ‘Remember You’ (feat. The Weeknd)

Wiz Khalifa teams up with Canadian smooth crooner The Weeknd for his latest single Remember You. Produced by Rico Love this track is melodically smooth, a perfect combination of Wiz’s laid back flow coupled with The Weeknd’s signature sound. All around this is a win for me.

Ludacris – ‘Representin’ (feat. Kelly Rowland)

Ludacris is definitely representing why he is one of my favourite Atlanta rappers of all time. Off his soon to be released album, Ludaversal, Representin’ is the Rico Love and Jim Jonsin produced bedroom track. Featuring Kelly Rowland, Mr Bridges proceeds to spit about his bedroom antics, with Kelly ‘representin’ for the ladies.

‘You a lady in the street
But behind closed doors you’re a fucking soldier
A brother would never know’

Lewis’ Picks Of The Week – Follow Him @lew_rid

Rihanna – “Diamonds”

Rihanna presents her first single taken from the Bajan stars forthcoming untitled seventh studio album. Ri links up with production duo Stargate, who have been responsible for many of her recent hits. This ones typical Ri but I guess its typically impressive too.

Wiz Khalifa – “Remember You” Feat. The Weeknd

When I heard the news that the weeknd finally got signed several weeks ago, I was ecstatic. The soulful rnb / alternate artist is the opitomny of talent. Wiz teams up with the recent Universal signee for “Remember You”. A great track, but it sounds more like a Wiz feature as apposed to “Featuring The Weeknd”.

Eboni’s Picks Of The Week – Follow Eboni On @2Emazing

Ludacris – “Representin'” Feat. Kelly Rowland

Alright, I’ve been a bit sceptical of Ludacris’s ‘comeback’ ever since I heard his 1.21 Gigawatts mixtape, mixed with the fact that his last album Battle of the Sexes was pretty weak. So when Representin’ dropped earlier this week a little hope was restored. Kelly simply killed the hook on this track, it’s just real catchy & smooth. So yeah I’m a lil more interested in Ludaversal now.

Lupe Fiasco – “Strange Fruition”

Strange Fruition is from Lupe Fiasco’s newest album Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album Pt.1. It’s the first track on there and I love the beat and it he just gets straight to business with his views on culture & politics. It was a real strong start to the album and  pretty cool song in general. He’s got a lil adlib there saying ‘Hey evil I’m back’ which I thought was amusing, seeing as he’s been very vocal over the last few months on pretty much everything lol.

Lupe Fiasco – Hood Now (Outro)

Another track from Lupes new album I’ve been feeling this week is Hood Now (Outro). To be honest I like it more for the satirical elements more than anything else and his play on the phrase ‘It’s Hood Now’. I’ll just put a couple lyrics from the song to show you what I mean.

‘Fashion shows, with fancy clothes/ You see Mr West right in the front row/ It’s hood now’ 

‘And you know me already, I don’t vote/ But the White House, you already know/ It’s hood now’

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