03 Mar. 2009

UK Pressure: Skinnyman

Im starting a new segment on the site called ‘UK Pressure’.

This segment is a result of my trip to New York City. The majority of people who I spoke to there, didnt know much about UK Hip Hop artists.

So now I’ve decided to post videos showcasing artists you need to check for and hopefully Hip Hop fans in the States and across the world will know who to check for and if they like what they hear, get some collaborations going.

If you want to educate yourself on UK Hip Hop, you most definately got to be on game on Skinnyman.

Skinnyman – Council State Of Mind (Video)

Skinnyman – Fuck The Hook (Video)

Skinnyman – I’ll Be Surprised (Video)

Skinnyman x Tabancle Freestyle (Video)

My man told me to watch this video and to check out for Skinnyman’s and Tabanacle’s rhymes. This footage is from 2007. In this video, Tabanacle (who comes with fire!) is the 2nd guy to spit and Skinnyman is in the green shirt.

Thanks to my man Monsta for showing me this video


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