11 Nov. 2009

When Rihanna Met Sumit

So I went to Rihanna’s comeback concert earlier this week. Thanks to Nokia, the concert was held at London’s Brixton Academy.


The show was streamed live on the internet. It was awesome. Vocally Rihanna was on point. Young Jeezy held Rihanna down for her new track “Hard”. Jay-Z’s appearance almost brought the roof off the venue. Hova performed “Run This Town” with Rihanna and this was followed by “Umbrella”.

Overall it was an awesome show and props go to Nokia for that.

Story Behind The Above Picture.

After the show, I hung around with my dude, rang into Mr Hudson before someone from Nokia whisked me away to go backstage. After a while of waiting, I was backstage and on my way to meet the night’s star, Rihanna.

After a few flights of stairs, a few doors and a couple of corridors, I soon found myself in room with Rihanna. I waited for about 30 seconds before I was introduced to her.

Me: “yo my name is Sumit…and Rihanna I need you to teach me something….”

Rihanna: “Im sorry have we met before? You look familar…Oh im sorry, what do I have to teach you”

Me: “Its London, it rains here alot, you gotta teach me how to get under a girl’s umbrella, if you know what I mean!”

Rihanna couldnt stop laughing after that.

Then we had to take the picture. After a couple of snaps, Rihanna said I had to stand under the umbrella “butt naked” and that if I tried that, it should work. I laughed. “I aint sure, but Ima try that”. I wished her good luck for the future and I bounced.

Thanks to Gaz & Asi!

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